The notion that We the People can change the way we do things as a society, can actually progress and better our lives as a country....has become a difficult argument to make, especially so with the last election. We've grown deeply disillusioned with our system, our politics, and rightly so. While we agree that much has improved, from technology to human rights, too many of us have become convinced that when it comes to real social or economic progress, it's impossible: we're at the 'end of history' with nowhere to go from here. Too many have been convinced that the present system, Capitalism- with its basis in competition, greed and agression- isn't perfect but the best we can do given our 'human nature'. We're  told endlessly that 'co-operation' is for dreamers, idealists and while it sounds nice, at best it's a utopian fantasy. Our instincts tell us our present road is leading to disaster, that we must change. But with all evidence in front of us,  the question has actually come down to 'Can We?'

We should know better. In fact, much recent research now supports the fact that our 'human nature', our survival and success as a species, has depended on more than "agression and the dominant alpha'. As much as any other, the so-called 'kindness gene' has been shown to be the basis for the well-being and survival of the social network and an indisputable factor in our human evolution and adaptation mechanisms. In fact, we have survived over the eons by living in groups, cooperating and working together- not thru isolated, individual effort or skill. Our human history shows that anything which weakens or threatens a group's well-being eventually causes it to recognize the danger, seek its cause, consider the choices, respond and act accordingly. Not 'fixed' or simplistic by any means, our 'human nature' is mutable, changeable, a complex balance. Indeed,  we are as 'hard-wired' to  co-ooperate for our survival as to be aggressive. Recognizing that, our 'human nature' has become expressed in our ethical, legal, philosophical and religious codes.....A global version of "do unto others as you would do unto yourself' is 'seeing yourself in others'. Rather than the conviction that "greed, aggression and competition are what makes us tick", we need to be aware that these are behaviors that have been overstated as 'natural' to survival because they supported an 'engine', a system, that up til now has brought progress and betterment in many ways. Capitalism may have used those traits with success so far, especially for the few; but the tipping point has been reached for the well-being and health of both the planet and its inhabitants. Our very survival is now being threatened by too much insistence on competition and individualism and thoughtless disregard for the future. Seeing that all life is interconnected and co-dependent, as the dominant species we need to create ways to a more constructive and sustainable path. The point is, we can.

We can begin by looking at the way our economy and politics actually work. We have an economic force, an economic  system that is causing tremendous pain, lost jobs, lost homes, lost futures....and posing a threat
to the future of this country and the planet. Worried about our losses- civic, moral, environmental and economic- many are awakening to the fact that our needs are not represented nor protected by our political parties, nor the candidates we are 'given' to vote for. We see the corruption and collusion between corporations, and that so-called reforms are a sham. The uprising brewing amongst voters, "the independents" and yes, even the Tea Baggers indicate one thing: many Americans feel powerless, angry, fearful and frustrated. Misled, divided and confused, we rail against each other, or against 'government' or whichever political party is currently in power, but miss the real cause of our grievances. Our problems go deep into the ECONOMIC system itself and far beyond its political representatives or party label. Or the latest corruption, or the question of taxes or bail-outs. Until we recognize the basic relationships and framework of our society are causing the problems and finally admit that regulations or reforms cannot 'tweak them away', we will not solve our problems but only put off the inevitable. Yet, We do have very real options, real and achievable. We can make peaceful, profound, positive change. We have the vote.

Most importantly, we have the Constitution. Amazingly, our forefathers and foremothers provided for that. It is Article 5 of the Constitution- called the Amendment Clause- and it allows for peaceful change.
         And Lincoln said: "Any people anywhere being inclined (have) the right to rise up and
         shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This is a
         most valuable, a most sacred right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world."

Through our Constitution, just as we have enacted labor laws, extended civil rights and protections, we also ended Slavery & ushered in a new era of greater freedom and prosperity. Using our Constitution, representives in  Congress can vote to make public, cooperative control & ownership of natural resources, utilities, social services, banking, production, distribution& allocation, the law of the land. What is becoming more and more clear is the need to change to an economy based on human wants and needs rather than profit and competition and the only way to end the tyranny and power of the very few, over the lives of us all. Rather than profit as the 'bottom line' in a system based on division and so much inequity...ours would become focused on solving social questions and providing for the
welfare and safety, the best health, education and child-care, more leisure and discretionary time, time for creative and recreational pursuits, for community and personal activities and a rich diversity of life- styles and opportunities. Just as Slavery and bondage was made unConstitutional, so We -the majority- would make profit, job-loss, exploitation & wages, Private ownership of production, distribution, banking & credit, education & transportation, healthcare & natural resources, likewise illegal. Our system would be based on People, not Profit.