This LinksList is an invaluable resource of websites, writings & correspondence groups you may find of interest:

New Union Party

Project for a Cooperative Society   


'Synthesis/Regeneration, A Magazine of Green Social Thought: Summer '06 issue' : "Why Dialectics?", Bertell Ollman;

'Synthesis/Regeneration: Winter '08' :
"An Unsustainable System", Anti-Capitalism in 5-Minutes. Robert Jensen;

"Participatory Socialism" a review of Robin Hahnel's writings (includes review of "Parecon" by Hahnel with Michael Albert) , Robert Burke;

"Post-ModernPrince: Critical Theory & The Making of a New Political
Subject", John Sanbonmatsu; june 09 sanbonmatsu

"Thoroughly Modern Marx", Leo Panich: Foreign Policy Magazine; May / June 2009

"Rhetoric of Power", Immanuel Wallerstein: ( Review by Richard Burke )

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